By continuing to use this Network Device you will be accepting South Lanarkshire College’s



Access to Information Technology resources located within or operated by South Lanarkshire College (‘the College’) is provided for all staff and students and is granted subject to the procedures set out in this document and to College Regulations.  Where IT resources are used to access computer networks, systems and data owned by another organisation, users are also subject to the acceptable use of equivalent policies of the organisation concerned, and users must satisfy themselves that they have the authority of the organisation for such activities.

The College reserves the right to deny access to IT resources and to cancel access privileges to IT resources at any time on reasonable grounds.

Where there is any dispute over right of access to or the acceptability of a proposed use of IT resources, the decision of the Principal shall be final.

This policy applies to all College IT assets (including any managed by third parties).  The IT assets include IT hardware, software, communications networks and information which is processed or stored by them.

The policy is applicable to all College staff, students, contractors and consultants employed by the college and by any other persons who access College IT systems.

Purpose of the Policy

This is a statement of intent by the College for:

Management Responsibility

Individual Accountability


Legal Requirements

Use of the Internet/E-mail must comply with relevant legal requirements including:


Email is provided primarily for legitimate South Lanarkshire College business purposes.

Usage of Email for any other purpose is not permitted and can result in appropriate disciplinary actions.

Mail usage will be monitored with virus checking and mail sweeping for content on all messages received and sent.  Any suspect mail message will be flagged for investigation to the mail administrator and will be passed to Human Resources and the appropriate manager for action.

Code of Conduct for the Use of Internet/Intranet and Email Facilities.


The internet is an electronic communications network that provides vast, diverse and unique resources.  Email is a powerful tool designed to increase productivity and efficiency when properly used.  The College reserves the right to monitor, review and intercept, access or disclose Email created on College property.

The operation of the Internet relies heavily on the proper conduct of users who must adhere to strict guidelines. If a user violates any of the acceptable use provisions outlined in this policy or any other related policy his/her access will be terminated and future access may be denied.  Some violations will also constitute a criminal offence and may result in legal action.  Actions in violation of the College’s policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action under the College disciplinary procedures.  In some cases dismissal may result.


The College will not be responsible for any use you might make of the College services, nor for any charges that you incur with any third party, except as documented within a separate written agreement.

You indemnify South Lanarkshire College against the effects of any misuse or any claims resulting from that misuse.  South Lanarkshire College accepts no responsibility for loss of data, information in any form or other matters whatsoever which result from the use of the Internet, Intranet or E-mail systems.

South Lanarkshire College reserves the right to vary the Conditions of Use and acceptable use policy for the Internet, Intranet and E-mail service, and to change that service, at their sole discretion at any time and without prior notice.  Any decision made by South Lanarkshire College in relation to the services provided, the Code of Conduct and the related policies shall be final.

Failure to comply with the above acceptable use policies and code of conduct will result in disciplinary action which may lead to dismissal.